FOR SALE gallery

My gallery’s contain many of my recent and past paintings which demonstrates my versatility and styles ranging from acrylics, pastels and charcoal.

All paintings on this page are FOR SALE – feel free to browse and if you see something you like, go to the “Contact Mal” page and use one of the contact options and allow me to assist you with your choice. Prices include postage and handling.

Blue Door

Blue Door 108x108cm

Cross Roads

Cross Roads 150x101cm

Summer Paddocks

Summer Paddocks 50x40cm

City Lights

The Gathering

Beyond the Hills

The Meeting 122x60cm

The Meeting

Café (oil) 41x76cm

Café (oil)

Beginning of Life 42x52cm

Beginning of Life

Grandstand 42x60cm


Winter is Coming 138x92cm

Winter is Coming

Court Jester 62x76cm

Court Jester

Fence Line 76x61cm

Fence Line

The Causeway 60x40cm

The Causeway

Northern Winds 40x80cm

Northern Winds


Thanks for viewing my For Sale Gallery. Feel free to leave a comment.


9 comments on “FOR SALE gallery

  1. Love you work Mal. We recently visited Tasmania and I saw some of your work. It’s really great. I am a painter too Very different to you but just as colourful. Enjoy, enjoy and keep up the great works.


    • Hi Lor, thank you for your comments, and as a fellow artist you know it’s always good to get feedbacks especially when it’s all positive. Hope you keep enjoying your art as much as I am with mine. Cheer Mal

  2. Colour is your god, Mal and thanks for that. Never a dull moment. Your paintings inspire thoughts. You seem to grasp the oddities of life. Beautiful work!

  3. Fab-u-lous, really great website with some wonderfully vibrant art. You are very talented Mal. Will try to forward on details of website on twitter if I can work out how! M x

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